PDoE [PureData over Ethernet] Workshop

When: Sunday 11th of November, from 2pm to 4.30pm
Where: Hosted by Recyclism Hacklab
How: Bring your own laptop (Mac, Pc or Linux)
Who: Limited to 10 participants
Fee: FREE Registration and enquiry here →

For this workshop participants will be invited to hack and recycle electronic waste by using the PDoE boards.

At the same time, participants will become familiar and to explore the potential of the PDoE boards designed by Embed Engineering.

This course is run by Benjamin Gaulon, an artist and lecturer at the National College of Art and Design. Since 2005, Benjamin has been exploring Circuit Bending and Hardware Hacking. He has also been running similar workshops in Europe and the US. He has created the Recyclism Hacklab in 2011. Website →

And by Marc Snip (24) is hardware design engineer at Embed Engineering B.V. He started as electrical engineering student at Blue Melon v.o.f. in 2008. When he finished his education Marc continued to work for Embed Engineering B.V.. Besides hardware design Marc also knows about production, mechanical design and software development. He worked amongst others on the PDoE boards sold on Protonoir.

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Host / Partner