Introduction to Processing + Video

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Introduction to Processing + Video led by Henderson[]
In this workshop, participants will be introduced to the basic concepts of coding in Processing with its video library, and learn how to create custom video effects/filters that can be applied to a webcam input source in real-time. By the end of the session, workshop participants will have a collection of working sample ‘sketches’ that can be easily extended or just used as references for future projects.

#Just a Note: Mac/Windows users should be able to use the standard Video Library (based on Quicktime) that comes with Processing without any problems. Linux users should download GSVideo library and ensure they have the necessary gstreamer-plugins packages installed – apart from that both video libraries are almost identical.

Dave Young, aka Henderson[], works with code/sound/space as a means to investigate the use of digital technology as a control system. Influenced by ambient music, minimalism, generative systems, and recursion, he develops custom software, often containing elements of randomness in order to allow chance to play a part in the creation of the artwork. Disruption of habit and intention is a common theme amongst the works – the computer acts as a provocative agent that encourages the viewer to re-experience a familiar act or phenomenon.

Henderson[] is currently based in Rotterdam, NL, and is studying a masters in Networked Media at the Piet Zwart Institute. He has worked as a technical producer and has taught workshops for various galleries and research institutes around the Netherlands. His work has been exhibited internationally at various art/technology festivals around Europe.

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