Hackism: Pure Data

Triggering Sounds and Audio in Pure Data led by Andrew Mc Govern

In this workshop you will be introduced to Pure Data. Participants will learn how to trigger audio samples and visuals using Pure Data. So how is this useful? What can I do with this as an artist? The possibilities are endless especially for artists who are considering making interactive installations. By the end of the session participants will be able to trigger audio samples and visuals through sound, they will be able to start designing their own interactive installations which use the medium of sound to interact with their audience.

Andrew Mc Govern
Andrew Mc Govern is an electroacoustic composer based in Dublin. He has recently finished a Masters in Music Technology, specializing in interactive audio visual installations.using the MS Kinect. His vision is to promote Open-Source Software such as PD and Processing to the general public. He is achieving this by giving workshops specializing in Open-Source Softwares such as Pure Data, Processing, Csound and Quartz Composer. His aim is not only to inform people about these technologies but to inspire students to interact with these software in an imaginative and artistic way.


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