Hack the oceans workshop with Sebastian Muellauer

When: Sunday 12th to Tuesday 14th of May, from 10am to 4.30pm
Where: Hosted by Recyclism Hacklab
How: Bring your own laptop (Mac, Pc or Linux)
Who: Limited to 12 participants

During this 3 day workshop we will build a floating buoy and integrate electronics to sense and interact with the ocean, to reevaluate our relation towards this extensive, yet almost unknown habitat. You will gain hands on experience building the platform which will be the carrier for our experimental add ons. They can be kinetic, electronic and/or sound based. We will provide motors, drivers, sensors and arduinos to work with and assist you to realize your concepts. The goal is to end up with a collaborative developed Art piece to deploy and perform along Dublins waterside.

This workshop is led by Sebastian Muellauer is a native german/austrian Creator working in the intersection of Design, Technology, Nature and human intervention. He studied Man and Living at the Design Academy in Eindhoven and received a diploma with distinction in industrial design from the University of Arts – Burg Giebichenstein in Halle.

He is currently based in Berlin where he founded the AutonomousSystemLaboratory, being part of the SUPERKUBUS. eV, an association and platform for development and exchange between Art, Design and Science. During the past years he was internationally working on – and exhibiting community generated technology, ie. PROTEI, an open source Sailing Drone and TAKU, a mobile lab for living, work and research.
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Assisted by Benjamin Gaulon, an artist and lecturer at the National College of Art and Design. Since 2005, Benjamin has been exploring Circuit Bending and Hardware Hacking. He has also been running similar workshops in Europe and the US. He has created the Recyclism Hacklab in 2011. Website →

And Ivan Twohig, an artist who’s work explores the disruptive areas at the convergence of fine art, technology, pop-culture and critical theory. He has a broad range of experience exhibiting both in my home country Ireland and internationally in both small artist run galleries and larger institutions. Website →


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