WE, THE RESISTANCE by Make and Do, Recyclism Hacklab and Embed Engineering

Where: Science Gallery
Exhibition: GAME
When: 15.11.12 – 20.01.13
Who: Recyclism Hacklab + Make and Do + Embed Engineering

This is a multiplayer game that takes place throughout the exhibition Using RFID technology. You need your wits and a certain amount of stealth to negotiate the various tasks and levels. And to keep you on your toes just when you think you ’ve got the hang of it —the game will change again.

Welcome to We, a game of resistance, solidarity and imagination.

You are a member of an underground resistance group called WE, dedicated to individual freedom and expression.

You are a Number, an unnamed citizen in an oppressive society presided over by a great Benefactor.

In this oppressive world to dream is considered illness, and to imagine is a crime.

The Green Wall is a great force field erected to protect numbers from communicating with the outside world.

To fight this oppression, you must send coded messages to other resistance members to keep dreaming.

You have been given a tag, keep it hidden.

This is your key to communicate beyond the Green Wall.

Your job is to find hidden message scanners in the gallery and swipe your tag against them.

This sends your message beyond the Green Wall.

But be careful, you are being watched.

The Watchmen in the gallery know some Numbers have tags, but they don’t know which ones.

If they see you scan a tag, then your most recent message will be erased.

Then your job is even harder.

They may even take your tag.

Those who manage to get to all the message scanners will be heroes.

Those Heroes will be asked to face even greater challenges and outwit the smartest Watchmen on a new secret level.

The best six Heroes will be displayed on the screen.

Go, we need new Heroes.

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