Jerry – Do It Together: Made from end of life materials, easy to replicate and remix.

What: Jerry – Do It Together ! Presentation
When: Tuesday 23rd of April, from 8.30pm to 10pm
Where: Hosted by Recyclism Hacklab
Who: Presentation led by Justine Hannequin [FR]
Free: RSVP to contact [At] hacklab.recyclism [DoT] com

Jerry DIT’s is an initiative that facilitate the co-building of computers and other digital devices, using old computer parts assembled inside hacked jerrycans. Our actions consist of the animation of an online community that shares methodologies and know-how. Locally, we also organize workshops and events to kickstart new communities.

Neophytes and experts are equally invited to participate to our workshops and community. We believe in knowledge sharing, and we use some aspects of the SCRUM methodology to make it happen.

Initiated in France 2 years ago, Jerry’s goal is to spread across borders and cultures. Some of Jerry’s team member will be in Ireland to introduce the project through a presentation. →

Led by Justine Hannequin [FR].
For about 1 year I’ve been working as a freelancer in the fields of object and service design.
My encounter with the Jerry DIT initiative was a great accident — The digital world I discovered through it was both fascinating and frightening. 

I found in Jerry a shapeless yet concrete opportunity to contribute to digital empowerment.
It is exiting to manipulate Jerry’s process of conception, since it is an open object. 
As a designer, working on Jerry allows me to shift from the position of a decider to the position of a facilitator.


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