PDoE: PureData-over-Ethernet

PureData connected I/O and audio board:

  • Ethernet connected 10/100Mbps.
  • DC 48V passive PoE supply input (injector included).
  • OSC (OpenSoundControl) connected with PD (PureData) example included.
  • 1x streaming audio from PureData to 16-bits DAC, 3W amplified output.
  • 2x constant DC 12V/2A output.
  • 1x constant DC 3.3V/500mA output.
  • 2x open collector output, max 12V/500mA, 8-bits PWM support.
  • 3x analog 10-bits input, max. 3.3V.
  • 4x 5V servo output, 8-bits, max. 500mA each, 3-pins compatible.
  • 1x test button.
  • 1x test LED.
  • PDoE is a PoE connected I/O and audio board. It contains a 16-bits audio DAC with 3W amplifier. An PureData external called udpdac~ allows for streaming your PureData audio to the amplified speaker connected to the board. Using OSC the I/O can be interfaced from any programming system incl. PureData. It gets its power straight of the Ethernet cable, so only one connected wire. It communicates through any network or even via Wifi or the internet. Multiple boards can be connected to one single PureData patch.

    As comparison; an Arduino setup doing Ethernet would consist of:
    – Arduino Ethernet: €47
    – PoE module: €20
    – Music Shield: €29
    – Ardumoto: €22

    Which is a total of €120! This setup would still not contain an out of the box firmware and certainly not streaming audio.

    Available at Protonoir.com


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